Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Remote Control Buttons
1. Headphone Transmitter
2. Menu Up/Next Track/Chapter
3. Menu Left/Fast Rewind
4. Return
5. Setup
6. Pause/Play
7. Mute
8. Display
9. Mode
10. Program Down - Previous Disc
11. Program Up - Next Disc
12. Slow
13. Stop
14. Menu
15. Menu Down/Previous Track/Chapter
16. Menu Right/Fast Forward
Remote Control Buttons
17. Enter
18. Light
Headphone Transmitter Button (1)
The headphone transmitter button on the remote control
and the power button on the headphones must be turned
ON before sound can be heard from the headphones. On
some radios the headphone symbol will flash for ap-
proximately 5 seconds in the radio display, indicating the
headphones are in use.
ARROW Buttons (2, 3, 15, 16)
These arrow buttons only function in CD/ DVD mode.
Use the arrow buttons to toggle through the disc menu
screen options.