Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

For best results, a refueling pattern that alternates be-
tween E-85 and unleaded gasoline should be avoided.
When you do switch fuels, it is recommended that
you do not switch when the fuel gauge indicates less
than 1/4 full
you do not add less than 5 gallons when refueling
you operate the vehicle immediately after refueling for
a period of at least 5 minutes
Observing these precautions will avoid possible hard
starting and/or significant deterioration in drivability
during warm up.
NOTE: When the ambient temperature is above 90°F,
you may experience hard starting and rough idle follow-
ing start up even if the above recommendations are
Selection Of Engine Oil For Flexible Fuel Vehicles
(E-85) and Gasoline Vehicles
Whether operating the vehicle on an E-85 ethanol fuel or
unleaded gasoline the engine oil requirements are the
same. Refer to the “Maintenance Procedures” section of
this manual for the proper quality and viscosity engine
The characteristics of E-85 fuel make it unsuitable for use
when ambient temperatures fall below 0°F. In the range
of 0°F to 32°F, you may experience an increase in the time
it takes for your engine to start, and a deterioration in
drivability (sags and/or hesitations) until the engine is
fully warmed up.