Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: A low spare tire will not cause the Tire Pressure
Monitoring System Telltale Lamp to illuminate or the
chime to sound.
Should a low tire condition occur on any of the four
active road tire(s), you should stop as soon as possible,
and inflate the low tire(s) that is/are flashing on the
graphic display to the vehicle’s recommended cold plac-
ard pressure value. The system will automatically up-
date, the graphic display of the pressure value(s) will
stop flashing, and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Lamp will extinguish once the updated tire pressure(s)
have been received.
NOTE: The vehicle may need to be driven for up to 10
minuets above 15 mph (25 km/h) to receive this infor-
Service Tire System Soon
The Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Lamp will flash on
and off for 60 seconds in the instrument cluster, and an
audible chime when a system fault is detected. The flash
cycle will repeat every 10 minutes, without an audible
chime, until the fault condition not longer exists.
In addition the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
text message for 3 seconds. This text message is then
followed by “— —”, for the pressure value indicating
which of the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor(s) is not
being received.
If the ignition key is cycled, this sequence will repeat,
providing the system fault still exists. Iff the system fault
no longer exists, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Telltale Lamp will no longer flash, the “SERVICE TIRE
SYSTEM SOON” text message will no longer display,
and a pressure value will be displayed instead of dashes.