Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

General Information
The Sentry Key system complies with FCC rules part 15
and with RSS-210 of Industry Canada. Operation is
subject to the following conditions:
This device may not cause harmful interference.
This device must accept any interference that may be
received, including interference that may cause undes-
ired operation.
This system monitors the vehicle doors and ignition for
unauthorized operation. When the alarm is activated, the
system provides both audible and visual signals. For the
first 3 minutes the horn will sound and the headlights
and security telltale will flash repeatedly. For an addi-
tional 15 minutes only the headlights and security telltale
will flash. The engine will run only if a valid Sentry Key
is used to start the vehicle. Use of the Sentry Key will
disable the alarm.
Rearming of the System If Equipped
The security system will rearm itself after the 15 addi-
tional minutes of headlights and security telltale flashing,
if the system has not been disabled. If the condition
which initiated the alarm is still present, the system will
ignore that condition and monitor the remaining doors
and ignition.
To Arm the System:
The alarm will set when you use the power door locks, or
use the Keyless Entry transmitter to lock the doors. After
all the doors are locked and closed the SECURITY light in
the instrument cluster will flash rapidly to signal that the
system is arming. The security light in the instrument
panel cluster will flash rapidly for about 16 seconds to
indicate that the alarm is being set. After the alarm is set,
the security light will flash at a slower rate to indicate
that the system is armed.