Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

This feature may be enabled using the following proce-
Press and hold the Heated Rear Window and Auto HI
buttons for 5 seconds.
The “DELAY” symbol will flash to indicate that the
feature as been enabled.
Power Button
This button turns the entire system ON/OFF. When the
system is turned on it will return to the previous settings.
Dual/Single Zone Operation
When ЉDUALЉ is displayed in the ATC control unit, the
driver and passenger air outlet temperatures can be
individually adjusted from the two independent ЉTEMPЉ
buttons. When a front seat passenger is not present,
pressing the ЉDUALЉ button will match the passenger’s
temperature setting to the driver’s temperature setting.
This will help equalize air outlet temperatures across the
left and right side of the instrument panel. The outside
temperature will replace the passenger’s temperature
setting in the display. Pressing the ЉDUALЉ button a
second time or adjusting the passenger’s ЉTEMPЉ button
will return the system to dual independent temperature
Manual Operation
This system offers a full complement of manual override
features. The indicator light in both the ЉAUTO HIЉ or
ЉAUTO LOЉ buttons will turn off when the system is
being used in the manual mode. The fan speed, airflow
distribution, and outside air/recirculated air can be
manually adjusted.
NOTE: Each of these features operate independently
from each other. If any one feature is controlled manually,
the remaining features will continue to operate automati-