Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Deployed airbags, front seat belt buckle pretension-
ers and driver inflatable knee blocker cannot protect
you in another collision. Have the airbags, front seat
belt buckle pretensioners and driver inflatable knee
blocker replaced by an authorized dealer as soon as
possible. Also, have the Occupant Classification
System serviced as well.
Enhanced Accident Response
If the airbags and seat belt pretensioners deploy after an
impact and the electrical system remains functional,
vehicles equipped with power door locks will unlock
automatically. In addition, approximately 10 seconds
after the vehicle has stopped moving, the interior lights
will illuminate until the ignition switch is turned off.
Maintaining Your Airbag System
Modifications to any part of the airbag system could cause
it to fail when you need it. You could be injured because
the airbags are not there to protect you. Do not modify the
components or wiring, including adding any kind of
badges or stickers to the steering wheel hub trim cover or
the upper right side of the instrument panel. Do not
modify the front bumper, vehicle body structure, or frame.
Do not attempt to modify any part of your advanced airbag
system. The airbag may inflate accidentally or may not
function properly if modifications are made. Take your
vehicle to an authorized dealer for any advanced airbag
system service. If your seat including your trim cover and
cushion needs to be serviced in any way (including re-
moval or loosening/tightening of seat attachment bolts),
take the vehicle to your authorized dealer. Only manufac-
turer approved seat accessories may be used. If it is
necessary to modify an advanced airbag system for per-
sons with disabilities, contact your authorized dealer.