Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control
The Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)
System automatically maintains the interior comfort level
desired by the driver and front seat passenger. This is
accomplished by using two infrared sensors located in
the center of the instrument panel. The two infrared
sensors independently measure the surface temperature
of the driver and front seat passenger. Based on the
sensor input, the system automatically adjusts the air
temperature, the airflow volume, the airflow distribu-
tion, and amount of inside air recirculation to maintain
front seat occupant comfort, even under changing out-
side weather conditions.
To operate the system, press either the ЉAUTO HIЉ or
ЉAUTO LOЉ buttons. The system now automatically
regulates the heating and air conditioning system includ-
ing blower speed, outlet air temperature, and airflow
distribution through the various outlets within the in-
strument panel. Using the ЉTEMPЉ buttons, adjust the
Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control