Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Your vehicle is equipped with a compact spare
wheel and tire assembly that does not have a tire pressure
monitoring sensor. Therefore, it will not be monitored by
the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. In the event that a
compact spare tire is used to replace a low pressure road
tire, the next ignition key cycle will still show the Tire
Pressure Monitoring Lamp to be ON, a Chime will
sound, and the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
(EVIC) will still show the low tire pressure value flashing
on the graphic display. This sequence will repeat for
every key cycle until the original Tire Pressure Monitor-
ing System (TPMS) tire has been properly repaired (or
replaced) and put back on the vehicle in place of the
compact spare tire.
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has
been optimized for the original equipment tires and
wheels. TPMS pressures have been established for
the tire size equipped on your vehicle. Undesirable
system operation or sensor damage may result when
using replacement equipment that is not of the same
size, type, and/or style. After-market wheels can
cause sensor damage. Do not use tire sealant from a
can, or balance beads if your vehicle is equipped
with a TPMS, as damage to the sensors may result.