Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Distribute cargo weight evenly on the roof rack crossbars.
The roof rack does not increase the total load carrying
capacity of the vehicle. Be sure the total load of cargo
inside the vehicle plus that on the external rack does not
exceed the maximum vehicle load capacity.
To move the cross bars, press the upper edge of each
cross bar button, then move the cross bar to the desired
position, keeping the crossbars parallel to the rack frame.
This is can be done with one person standing on each
side of the vehicle, moving the cross bar at the same time.
Once the cross bar is in place, press the lower edge of the
cross bar button to lock it into position.
Attempt to move the crossbar again to ensure that it has
properly locked into position.
NOTE: To reduce the amount of wind noise when the
cross bars are not in use, move both cross bars next to
each other towards the rear of the vehicle in the rear most
The tie down holes on the cross bar ends should always
be used to tie down the load. Check the straps frequently
to be sure that the load remains securely attached.