Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Rear Heated Seats If Equipped
On vehicles equipped with rear heated seats, the seats
closest to the doors are heated. The controls for these
seats are located on the rear of the center console.
After turning the ignition ON, you can choose from High,
Low or Off heat settings. Amber indicator lights in each
switch indicate the level of heat in use. Two indicator
lights will illuminate for High, one for Low and none for
Press the switch once to select High-level heat-
ing. Press the switch a second time to select
Low-level heating. Press the switch a third time
to shut the heating elements Off.
When the High-level setting is selected, the heater will
provide a boosted heat level during the first four minutes
of operation. Then, the heat output will drop to the
normal High-level. If the High-level setting is selected,
the system will automatically switch to Low-level after
approximately 30 minutes of continuous operation. At
that time, the number of illuminated LEDs changes from
two to one, indicating the change. The Low-level setting
will turn Off automatically after approximately 30 min-
Rear Heated Seat Switches