Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

The fluid level is preset at the factory and does not
require adjustment under normal operating condi-
tions. If a transmission fluid leak occurs, visit your
authorized dealer immediately. Severe damage to the
transmission may occur. Your authorized dealer has
the proper tools to accurately adjust the fluid level.
Appearance Care and Protection from Corrosion
Protection of Body and Paint from Corrosion
Vehicle body care requirements vary according to geo-
graphic locations and usage. Chemicals that make roads
passable in snow and ice, and those that are sprayed on
trees and road surfaces during other seasons, are highly
corrosive to the metal in your vehicle.
The following maintenance recommendations will enable
you to obtain maximum benefit from the corrosion
resistance built into your vehicle.
What Causes Corrosion?
Corrosion is the result of deterioration or removal of
paint and protective coatings from your vehicle.
The most common causes are:
Road salt, dirt and moisture accumulation.
Stone and gravel impact.
Insects, tree sap and tar.
Salt in the air near seacoast localities.
Atmospheric fallout/industrial pollutants.