Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Connecting an iPod to the AUX port located in the
radio faceplate, plays media, but does not use the UCI
feature to control the connected device.
Connecting The iPod
Use the provided connection cable to connect an iPod to
the vehicle’s 16–pin connector port (which is located in
the glove compartment on some vehicles). Once the
iPodis connected and synchronized to the vehicle’s UCI
system (iPod may take a few seconds to connect), the
iPod starts charging and is ready for use by pressing
radio switches, as described below.
You may have to remove the connector pin protection
cap from the 16–pin connector port, prior to connect-
ing the cable.
If the iPod battery is completely discharged, it may
not communicate with the UCI system until a mini-
mum charge is attained. Leaving the iPod connected
to the UCI system may charge it to the required level.
Using This Feature
By using the provided connection cable to connect an
iPod to the vehicle’s UCI 16–pin connector port:
The iPod audio can be played on the vehicle’s sound
system, providing metadata (artist, track title, album,
etc.) information on the radio display.
The iPod can be controlled using the radio buttons to
Play, Browse, and List the iPod contents.
The iPod battery charges when plugged into the UCI
connector (if supported by the specific iPod device)
Controlling The iPod Using Radio Buttons
To get into the UCI (iPod) mode and access a connected
iPod, press the “AUX” button on the radio faceplate.