Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Then proceed with Step 4 under “Programming
HomeLink earlier in this section.
Using HomeLink
To operate, press and release the programmed
HomeLink button. Activation will now occur for the
trained device (i.e., garage door opener, gate operator,
security system, entry door lock, home/office lighting,
etc.,). The handheld transmitter of the device may also be
used at any time.
Reprogramming A Single HomeLink Button
To reprogram a channel that has been previously trained,
follow these steps:
1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position.
2. Press and hold the desired HomeLink button for
20 seconds until the EVIC display states “CHANNEL #
TRAINING.” Do not release the button.
3. Without releasing the button, proceed with Program-
ming HomeLink Step 2 and follow all remaining steps.
It is advised to erase all channels before you sell or turn
in your vehicle.
To do this, press and hold the two outside buttons for
20 seconds until the EVIC message states “CHANNELS
CLEARED.” Note that all channels will be erased. Indi-
vidual channels cannot be erased.
The HomeLink Universal Transceiver is disabled when
the Vehicle Security Alarm is active.
Troubleshooting Tips
If you are having trouble programming HomeLink, here
are some of the most common solutions:
Replace the battery in the original transmitter.