Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Using the Panic Alarm
To turn the Panic Alarm feature on or off, press and hold
the PANIC button on the RKE transmitter for at least one
second and release. When the Panic Alarm is on, the
headlights and park lamps will flash, the horn will pulse
on and off, and the interior lights will turn on.
The Panic Alarm will stay on for three minutes unless
you turn it off by either pressing the PANIC button a
second time, or drive the vehicle at a speed of 15 mph
(24 km/h) or greater.
NOTE: The interior lights will turn off if you turn the
ignition switch to the ACC or ON position while the
Panic Alarm is activated. However, the exterior lamps
and horn will remain on.
Programming Additional Transmitters
Programming Key Fobs or RKE transmitters may be
performed at an authorized dealer.
Transmitter Battery Replacement
The recommended replacement battery is one CR2032
Perchlorate Material special handling may apply.
Do not touch the battery terminals that are on the back
housing or the printed circuit board.
1. Battery access is through a door located on the rear of
the Key Fob. Insert a small, flat blade screwdriver into the
slot and gently pry open the access door.