Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

information, call the toll-free number 888-539-7474, or
visit the Sirius web site at, or at www- for Canadian residents.
Electronic Serial Number/Sirius Identification
Number (ESN/SID)
Please have the following information available when
1. The Electronic Serial Number/Sirius Identification
Number (ESN/SID).
2. Your Vehicle Identification Number.
To access the ESN/SID, refer to the following steps:
ESN/SID Access With RES Radios
With the ignition switch in the ON/RUN or ACC posi-
tion and the radio on, press the SETUP button and scroll
using the TUNE/SCROLL control knob until Sirius ID is
selected. Press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob and the
Sirius ID number will display. The Sirius ID number
display will time out in two minutes. Press any button on
the radio to exit this screen.
ESN/SID Access With REN/RER/RBZ Radios
While in SAT mode, press the MENU button on the radio
Next, touch the SUBSCRIPTION tab on the touch screen.
All the ESNs that apply to your vehicle will display.
Selecting Uconnect™ Multimedia (Satellite) Mode
Press the SAT button until ЉSATЉ appears in the display. A
CD may remain in the radio while in the Satellite radio
Satellite Antenna
To ensure optimum reception, do not place items on the
roof around the rooftop antenna location. Metal objects
placed within the line of sight of the antenna will cause
decreased performance. Larger luggage items such as