Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

NOTE: The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and
Traction Control (if equipped) should be turned OFF
before attempting to rock the vehicle. Refer to “Electronic
Brake Control System” in “Starting and Operating” for
further information.
The least amount of accelerator pedal pressure to main-
tain the rocking motion without spinning the wheels or
racing the engine is most effective. Racing the engine or
spinning the wheels, due to the frustration of not freeing
the vehicle, may lead to transmission overheating and
failure. Allow the engine to idle with the shift lever in
NEUTRAL for at least one minute after every five
rocking-motion cycles. This will minimize overheating
and reduce the risk of transmission failure during pro-
longed efforts to free a stuck vehicle.
When “rocking” a stuck vehicle by moving between
DRIVE and REVERSE, do not spin the wheels faster
than 15 mph (24 km/h), or drivetrain damage may
AutoStick is a driver-interactive transmission that offers
manual gear shifting capability to provide the driver
with more control. AutoStick allows the driver to in-
crease engine braking ability, control upshift and down-
shift points, and enhance the driving experience. This
system can also provide the driver with more control
during passing, city driving, mountain driving, trailer
towing, and many other situations.