Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

By placing the shift lever in the DRIVE position, the shift
lever can be moved from side to side. This allows the
driver to engage the AutoStick mode. Moving the shift
lever to the right (+) or the left (-) will engage the
AutoStick mode. In normal driving mode (Boxed “D”
displayed in the PRNDL), moving the shift lever to the
right (+) will engage the AutoStick mode putting the
transmission in the currently engaged gear. Moving the
shift lever to the Left (-) will engage the AutoStick mode
and downshift the transmission one gear. For example, if
the transmission is in Drive mode (a boxed ЉDЉ is
displayed in the cluster) and is operating in third gear,
tapping the shift lever to the right (+) will engage
AutoStick mode (while remaining in third gear) and a
boxed Љ3Љ will be displayed in the cluster. Tapping the
shift lever to the left (-) would also engage AutoStick
mode, but would force a downshift to second gear, and
display a boxed Љ2Љ in the cluster.Љ Once AutoStick mode
is engaged, a move to the right (+) or left (-) will trigger
a upshift (+) or trigger a downshift (-).
NOTE: In the AutoStick mode, the transmission will
shift up and down when left or right (D-/D+) is manu-
ally selected by the driver.
The transmission will not allow a downshift if the
downshift would result in an engine overspeed condi-
tion. The transmission will always allow a upshift from
first to second gear, however 2nd - 3rd, 3rd - 4th, and 4th
5th upshifts will not be allowed if the vehicle speed is
too low to maintain operation in the selected gear. The
transmission will automatically downshift as the vehicle
slows to a stop (to prevent engine lugging) and will
display the current gear. After a stop, the driver should
manually upshift (D+) the transmission as the vehicle is