Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

To avoid vehicle damage, ParkView should only
be used as a parking aid. The ParkView camera is
unable to view every obstacle or object in your
drive path.
To avoid vehicle damage, the vehicle must be
driven slowly when using ParkViewto be able to
stop in time when an obstacle is seen. It is recom-
mended that the driver look frequently over his/
her shoulder when using ParkView.
NOTE: If snow, ice, mud, or anything else builds up on
the camera lens, clean the lens, rinse with water, and dry
with a soft cloth. Do not cover the lens.
Turning ParkView On or Off With
Navigation/Multimedia Radio
1. Press the “menu” hard key.
2. Select “system setup” soft key.
3. Press the “camera setup” soft key.
4. Enable or disable the rear camera feature by selecting
“enable rear camera in reverse” soft key.
5. Press the “save” soft key.
6. When the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE, an image of
the rear of the vehicle will appear with a caution note to
Љcheck entire surroundingsЉ displayed across the top of
the screen. After five seconds this note will disappear.
7. When the vehicle is shifted out of REVERSE, the rear
camera mode is exited and the navigation or audio screen
appears again.