Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Broken, muddy, or obstructed headlights and
taillights of vehicles in the field of view will cause
headlights to remain on longer (closer to the vehicle).
Also, dirt, film, and other obstructions (sticker, toll box,
etc.) on the windshield or camera lens will cause the
system to function improperly.
Daytime Running Lights If Equipped
The high beam headlights come on at a low intensity
level whenever the engine is running, and the transmis-
sion is not in the PARK position. The lights will remain
on until the ignition switch is turned to LOCK/ACC or
the parking brake is engaged. The headlight switch must
be used for normal nighttime driving.
Automatic Headlight Leveling HID Headlights
This feature prevents the headlights from interfering
with the vision of oncoming drivers. Headlight leveling
automatically adjusts the height of the headlight beam in
reaction to changes in vehicle pitch.
Instrument Panel Dimmer
Rotate the center potion of the lever to the extreme
bottom position to fully dim the instrument panel lights
and prevent the interior lights from illuminating when a
door is opened.
Rotate the center portion of the lever up to increase the
brightness of the instrument panel lights when the park-
ing lights or headlights are on.
Rotate the center portion of the lever upward to the next
detent position to brighten the odometer and radio when
the parking lights or headlights are on.