Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

LIST Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Pressing the LIST button will bring up a list of all folders
on the disc. Scrolling up or down the list is done by
turning the TUNE/SCROLL control knob. Selecting a
folder by pressing the TUNE/SCROLL control knob will
begin playing the files contained in that folder (or the
next folder in sequence if the selection does not contain
playable files).
The folder list will time out after five seconds.
INFO Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Pressing the INFO button repeatedly will scroll through
the following TAG information: Song Title, Artist, File
Name, and Folder Name (if available).
Press the INFO button once more to return to Љelapsed
timeЉ priority mode.
Press and hold the INFO button for three seconds or
more and the radio will display song titles for each file.
Press and hold the INFO button again for three seconds
to return to Љelapsed timeЉ display.
Operation Instructions - Auxiliary Mode
The auxiliary (AUX) jack is an audio input jack which
allows the user to plug in a portable device such as an
MP3 player or cassette player and utilize the vehicle’s
audio system to amplify the source and play through the
vehicle speakers.
Pressing the AUX button will change the mode to auxil-
iary device if the AUX jack is connected.
NOTE: The AUX device must be turned on and the
device’s volume set to the proper level. If the AUX audio
is not loud enough, turn the device’s volume up. If the
AUX audio sounds distorted, turn the device’s volume