Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

NOTE: The sunshade cannot be closed if the sunroof is
Wind Buffeting
Wind buffeting can be described as the perception of
pressure on the ears or a helicopter-type sound in the
ears. Your vehicle may exhibit wind buffeting with the
windows down, or the sunroof (if equipped) in certain
open or partially open positions. This is a normal occur-
rence and can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs with
the rear windows open, open the front and rear windows
together to minimize the buffeting. If the buffeting occurs
with the sunroof open, adjust the sunroof opening to
minimize the buffeting or open any window.
Sunroof Maintenance
Use only a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to clean
the glass panel.
Ignition OFF Operation
The power sunroof switches remain active for up ap-
proximately ten minutes after the ignition switch has
been turned OFF. Opening either front door will cancel
this feature.
Sunroof Fully Closed
Press the switch forward and release to ensure that the
sunroof is fully closed.
Your vehicle is equipped with 12 Volt (13 Amp) power
outlets that can be used to power cellular phones, small
electronics and other low powered electrical accessories.
The power outlets are labeled with either a “key” or a
“battery” symbol to indicate how the outlet is powered.
Power outlets labeled with a “key” are powered when
the ignition switch is in the ON or ACC position, while
the outlets labeled with a “battery” are connected directly
to the battery and powered at all times.