Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Your vehicle is equipped with two RKE transmitters. One
or both RKE transmitters can be linked to either memory
position. The memory system can accommodate up to
four RKE transmitters, each one linked to either of the
two memory positions.
Setting Memory Positions and Linking Remote
Keyless Entry Transmitter to Memory
NOTE: Each time the S (SET) button and a numbered
button 1 or 2 are pressed, you erase the memory settings
for that button and store a new one.
1. Insert the ignition key, and turn the ignition switch to
the ON position.
2. Press the driver door MEMORY button number 1 if
you are setting the memory for driver 1, or button
number 2 if you are setting the memory for driver 2. The
system will recall any stored settings. Wait for the system
to complete the memory recall before continuing to
Step 3.
3. Adjust the driver’s seat, recliner, and driver’s sideview
mirror to the desired positions.
4. Adjust the brake and accelerator pedals to the desired
5. Turn on the radio and set the radio station presets (up
to 12 AM and 12 FM stations can be set).
6. Turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position and
remove the key.
7. Press and release the S (SET) button located on the
driver’s door.
8. Within five seconds, press and release MEMORY
button 1 or 2 on the driver’s door. The next step must be
performed within five seconds if you desire to also use a
RKE transmitter to recall memory positions.
9. Press and release the LOCK button on one of the RKE