Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

5. Complete one or more 360–degree turns (in an area
free from large metal or metallic objects) until the “CAL”
indicator turns off. The compass will now function
Compass Variance
Compass Variance is the difference between magnetic
North and Geographic North. In some areas of the
country, the difference between magnetic and Geo-
graphic North is great enough to cause the compass to
give false readings. For the most accurate compass per-
formance, the compass variance must be set using the
following procedure:
NOTE: Magnetic materials should be kept away from
the Overhead console. This is where the compass sensor
is located.
1. Turn the ignition switch ON.
2. Press the MENU button until Personal Settings
(Customer-Programmable Features) menu is reached.
3. Press the SCROLL button until “Compass Variance” is
displayed in the EVIC.
Compass Variance Map