Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

NOTE: During severe braking conditions, a pulsing
sensation may occur and a clicking noise will be heard.
This is normal, indicating that the Anti-Lock Brake
System is functioning.
To use your brakes and accelerator more safely,
follow these tips:
Do not “ride” the brakes by resting your foot on
the pedal. This could overheat the brakes and
result in unpredictable braking action, longer
stopping distances, or brake damage.
When descending mountains or hills, repeated
braking can cause brake fade with loss of braking
control. Avoid repeated heavy braking by down-
shifting the transmission or locking out overdrive
whenever possible.
WARNING! (Continued)
Engines may idle at higher speeds during warm-
up, which could cause rear wheels to spin and
result in loss of vehicle control. Be especially
careful while driving on slippery roads, in close-
quarter maneuvering, parking or stopping.
Do not drive too fast for road conditions, espe-
cially when roads are wet or slushy. A wedge of
water can build up between the tire tread and the
road. This hydroplaning action can cause loss of
traction, braking ability, and control.
After going through deep water or a car wash,
brakes may become wet, resulting in decreased
performance and unpredictable braking action.
Dry the brakes by gentle, intermittent pedal action
while driving at very slow speeds.