Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

While a track is playing, press the INFO button to see
the associated metadata (artist, track title, album, etc.)
for that track. Pressing the INFO button again jumps
to the next screen of data for that track. Once you have
seen all screens, the last INFO button press will take
you back to the play mode screen on the radio.
Pressing the REPEAT button will change the iPod
mode to repeat the current playing track.
Press the SCAN button to use iPodscan mode, which
will play the first five seconds of each track in the
current list and then forward to the next song. To stop
SCAN mode and start playing the desired track, when
it is playing the track, press the SCAN button again.
During Scan mode, you can also press the << SEEK
and SEEK >> buttons to select the previous and next
RND button (available on sales code RES radio only):
Pressing this button toggles between Shuffle ON and
Shuffle OFF modes for the iPod.IftheRND icon is
showing on the radio display, then the shuffle mode is
List Or Browse Mode
During Play mode, pressing any of the buttons described
below, takes you to List mode. List mode enables you to
scroll through the list of menus and tracks on the iPod.
TUNE control knob: The TUNE control knob functions
in a similar manner as the scroll wheel on the iPod.
Turning it clockwise (forward) and counterclock-
wise (backward) scrolls through the lists, displaying
the track detail on the radio display. Once you have
the track to be played highlighted on the radio
display, press the TUNE control knob to select and
start playing the track. Turning the TUNE control
knob fast will scroll through the list faster. During
fast scroll, you may notice a slight delay in updating
the information on the radio display.