Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Customer Assistance For The Hearing Or Speech
Impaired (TDD/TTY)
To assist customers who have hearing difficulties, the
manufacturer has installed special TDD (Telecommuni-
cation Devices for the Deaf) equipment at its customer
center. Any hearing or speech impaired customer, who
has access to a TDD or a conventional teletypewriter
(TTY) in the United States, can communicate with the
manufacturer by dialing 1–800–380–CHRY.
Canadian residents with hearing difficulties that require
assistance can use the special needs relay service offered
by Bell Canada. For TTY teletypewriter users, dial 711
and for Voice callers, dial 1 800 855-0511 to connect with
a Bell Relay Service operator.
Service Contract
You may have purchased a service contract for a vehicle
to help protect you from the high cost of unexpected
repairs after the manufacturer’s New Vehicle Limited
Warranty expires. The manufacturer stands behind only
the manufacturer’s service contracts. If you purchased a
manufacturer’s service contract, you will receive Plan
Provisions and an Owner Identification Card in the mail
within three weeks of the vehicle delivery date. If you
have any questions about the service contract, call the
manufacturer’s Service Contract National Customer Hot-
line at 1-800-521-9922.
The manufacturer will not stand behind any service
contract that is not the manufacturer’s service contract. It
is not responsible for any service contract other than the
manufacturer’s service contract. If you purchased a ser-
vice contract that is not a manufacturer’s service contract,
and you require service after the manufacturer’s New
Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, please refer to the
contract documents, and contact the person listed in
those documents.