Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

WARNING! (Continued)
Be sure everyone in your vehicle is in a seat and
using a seat belt properly.
Front Manual Seat Adjustment
Move the seat forward or rearward using the adjustment
bar. Lift up on the bar located on the front of the seat near
the floor. Using body pressure, move forward and rear-
ward on the seat to be sure the seat adjusters have
Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is
dangerous. The sudden movement of the seat could
cause you to lose control. The seat belt might not be
properly adjusted, and you could be injured. Adjust
any seat only while the vehicle is parked.
Front Seat Adjustment Recline
To adjust the seatback, lift the lever located on the
outboard side of the seat, lean back and release the lever
at the desired position. To return the seatback, lift the
lever, lean forward and release the lever.
Do not ride with the seatback reclined so that the seat
belt is no longer resting against your chest. In a
collision, you could slide under the seat belt and be
seriously or even fatally injured. Use the recliner
only when the vehicle is parked.