Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

The system will automatically control re-
circulation. However, pressing this but-
ton will temporarily put the system in
“Recirculation” mode. This can be used
when outside conditions such as smoke,
odors, dust, or high humidity are present. This will cause
the LED to illuminate.
The surface of the climate control panel, and the top
center of the instrument panel should be kept free of
debris due to the climate control sensor’s location.
Mud on the windshield may also cause poor operation
of this system.
To provide you with maximum comfort in the auto-
matic mode, during cold start-ups the blower fan will
remain off until the engine warms up. However, the
fan will engage immediately if the defrost mode is
selected or if you manually select a blower speed.
Under certain conditions (after the vehicle is turned
off) the climate control system may recalibrate and a
noise may be heard for 20 seconds. This is part of
normal operation.
Most of the time, when in Automatic operation, you
can temporarily put the system into Recirculation
mode by pressing the “Recirculation” button. How-
ever, under certain conditions in automatic the system
is blowing air out of the defrost vents. When these
conditions are present, and the “Recirculation” button
is pressed, the indicator will flash and remain off. This
tells you that you are unable to go into Recirculation
mode at this time. If you would like to go to Recircu-
lation mode, you must first move your mode knob to
Panel, Panel/Floor, or Floor, then press the “Recircu-
lation” button. This feature will reduce the possibility
of window fogging.