Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

During all List modes, the iPod displays all lists in
“wrap-around” mode. So if the track is at the
bottom of the list, just turn the wheel backwards
(counter-clockwise) to get to the track faster.
In List mode, the radio PRESET buttons are used as
shortcuts to the following lists on the iPod.
Preset 1 Playlists
Preset 2 Artists
Preset 3 Albums
Preset 4 Genres
Preset 5 Audiobooks
Preset 6 Podcasts
Pressing a PRESET button will display the current
list on the top line and the first item in that list on
the second line.
To Exit List mode without selecting a track, press the
same PRESET button again to go back to Play
LIST button: The LIST button will display the top
level menu of the iPod. Turn the TUNE control knob
to list the top-menu item you wish to select and press
the TUNE control knob. This will display the next
sub-menu list item on the iPod then you can follow
the same steps to go to the desired track in that list.
Not all iPod sub-menu levels are available on this
MUSIC TYPE button: The MUSIC TYPE button is
another shortcut button to the genre listing on your