Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Unintended movement of a vehicle could injure
those in and near the vehicle. As with all vehicles,
you should never exit a vehicle while the engine is
running. Before exiting a vehicle, you should apply
the park brake, shift the transmission into PARK,
and remove the key fob from the ignition switch.
Once the key fob is removed from the ignition
switch, the shift lever is locked in the PARK position,
securing the vehicle against unwanted movement.
Furthermore, you should never leave children unat-
tended inside a vehicle.
This range is for moving the vehicle backward. Use only
after the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
This range is used when vehicle is standing for pro-
longed periods with engine running. Engine may be
started in this range. Set the parking brake if you must
leave the vehicle.
This range should only be selected when the vehicle is at
a complete stop and the brakes are firmly applied. The
transmission automatically upshifts through fifth gear.
The DRIVE position provides optimum driving charac-
teristics under all normal operating conditions. For addi-
tional shifting information, refer to “AutoStick”in
“Starting and Operating” for further information.
Rocking the Vehicle
If the vehicle becomes stuck in snow, sand, or mud, it can
often be moved by a rocking motion. Move the shift lever
between DRIVE and REVERSE, while applying slight
pressure to the accelerator.