Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

The ORC contains a backup power supply system that
may deploy the airbags even if the battery loses power or
it becomes disconnected prior to deployment.
Also, the ORC turns on the Airbag Warning
Light in the instrument panel for approxi-
mately six to eight seconds for a self-check
when the ignition is first turned on. After the
self-check, the Airbag Warning Light will turn off. If the
ORC detects a malfunction in any part of the system, it
turns on the Airbag Warning Light, either momentarily
or continuously. A single chime will sound if the light
comes on again after initial startup.
It also includes diagnostics that will illuminate the instru-
ment cluster Airbag Warning Light if a malfunction is
noted. The diagnostics also record the nature of the
Ignoring the Airbag Warning Light in your instru-
ment panel could mean you won’t have the airbags to
protect you in a collision. If the light does not come
on, stays on after you start the vehicle, or if it comes
on as you drive, have the airbag system checked right
Driver and Passenger Airbag Inflator Units
The Driver and Passenger Airbag/Inflator Units are
located in the center of the steering wheel and the right
side of the instrument panel. When the ORC detects a
collision requiring the airbags, it signals the inflator units.
A large quantity of non-toxic gas is generated to inflate
the Advanced Front Airbags. Different airbag inflation
rates are possible, based on the collision type and sever-
ity. The steering wheel hub trim cover and the upper
right side of the instrument panel separate and fold out