Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

When in the AutoStick mode, as the engine RPM nears
the engine maximum speed, an “UPSHIFT” message will
appear in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
(EVIC) portion of your instrument cluster. This message
appears in order to alert the driver that the engine speed
is approaching it’s maximum value and a upshift to the
next gear is required. In the event that the driver does not
upshift, the engine control system will automatically do it
for the driver. Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information
Center (EVIC)” in “Understanding Your Instrument
Panel” for further information.
Shifting into or out of the AutoStick mode can be done
at any time without taking your foot off the accelerator
pedal. When the driver wishes to engage AutoStick,
simply move the shift lever to the left or right (D-/D+)
position while in DRIVE.
Hold the shift lever to the right for at least one second to
disengage AutoStick. The transmission will now oper-
ate automatically; shifting between the five available
General Information
You can start out in first or second gear. The system
will ignore attempts to upshift at too low of a vehicle
The transmission will automatically downshift to first
gear when coming to a stop. Tapping the shift lever to
the D+ position (at a stop) will allow starting in second
gear. After starting, the driver should continue to
manually upshift (D+) as the vehicle is accelerated.
Starting out in second gear is helpful in snowy or icy
Avoid using speed control when AutoStick is en-