Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

of the way as the bags inflate to their full size. The bags
fully inflate in about 50 to 70 milliseconds. This is about
half of the time it takes to blink your eyes. The bags then
quickly deflate while helping to restrain the driver and
front passenger.
The driver front airbag gas is vented through the vent
holes in the sides of the airbag. The passenger front
airbag gas is vented through the vent holes in the sides of
the airbag. In this way, the airbags do not interfere with
your control of the vehicle.
Supplemental Side Airbag Inflatable Curtain
(SABIC) Inflator Units If Equipped
During collisions where the impact is confined to a
particular area of the side of the vehicle, the ORC may
deploy the SABIC airbags, depending on severity and
type of collision. In these events, the ORC will deploy the
SABIC only on the impact side of the vehicle.
A quantity of non-toxic gas is generated to inflate the side
curtain airbag. The inflating side curtain airbag pushes
the outside edge of the headliner out of the way and
covers the window. The airbag inflates in about 30 ms
(about one-quarter of the time that it takes to blink your
eyes) with enough force to injure you if you are not belted
and seated properly, or if items are positioned in the area
where the side curtain airbag inflates. This especially
applies to children. The side curtain airbag is only about
3-1/2 in (9 cm) thick when it is inflated.
Because airbag sensors estimate deceleration over time,
vehicle speed and damage are not good indicators of
whether or not an airbag should have deployed.
NOTE: In a rollover the pretensioners and/or SABIC
airbags may deploy on both sides of the vehicle.