Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

NOTE: The numbers on the temperature dial represent
a comfort setting when the Mode knob is set to AUTO,
and not the actual air temperature.
Turn the mode control (on the right) knob to AUTO, and
then turn the blower control (on the left) knob to either
LO AUTO or HI AUTO. The LO AUTO position should
be used for front seat occupants only. The HI AUTO
position should be used when more airflow is desired, or
when rear seat occupants are present. Dial in the comfort
setting you would like the system to maintain by rotating
the driver’s or passenger’s control knob. Once the com-
fort level is selected, the system will maintain that level
automatically using the heating system. Should the de-
sired comfort level require air conditioning, the system
will automatically make the adjustment.
You will experience the greatest efficiency by simply
allowing the system to function automatically. Selecting
the OFF (O) position on the blower control knob stops the
system completely.
NOTE: The temperature setting can be adjusted at any
time without affecting automatic control operation. How-
ever, if the driver and/or passenger temperature knobs
are set to the full hot or full cold positions, the air
temperature out of the ducts will be full hot or full cold
respectively. With the temperature setting in these posi-
tions, the system does not attempt automatic comfort
The air conditioning in this system is au-
tomatic. Pressing this button while in
AUTO mode will cause the LED to flash
three times and remain off. This indicates
that the system is in AUTO and requesting the air
conditioning is not necessary.