Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

The fluid reservoir for the windshield washers and the
rear window washer is shared. The fluid reservoir is
located in the engine compartment, be sure to check the
fluid level at regular intervals. Fill the reservoir with
windshield washer solvent only (not radiator antifreeze).
When refilling the washer fluid reservoir, take some
washer fluid and apply it to a cloth or towel and wipe
clean the wiper blades, this will help blade performance.
To prevent freeze-up of your windshield washer system
in cold weather, select a solution or mixture that meets or
exceeds the temperature range of your climate. This
rating information can be found on most washer fluid
Commercially available windshield washer solvents
are flammable. They could ignite and burn you. Care
must be exercised when filling or working around
the washer solution.
Exhaust System
The best protection against carbon monoxide entry into
the vehicle body is a properly maintained engine exhaust
Whenever a change is noticed in the sound of the exhaust
system, when exhaust fumes can be detected inside the
vehicle, or when the underside or rear of the vehicle is
damaged, have a competent mechanic inspect the com-
plete exhaust system and adjacent body areas for broken,
damaged, deteriorated, or mispositioned parts. Open
seams or loose connections could permit exhaust fumes
to seep into the passenger compartment. In addition,