Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

E85 Usage In Non-Flex Fuel Vehicles
Non-FFV vehicles are compatible with gasoline contain-
ing 10% ethanol (E10). Gasoline with higher ethanol
content may void the vehicle’s warranty.
If a Non-FFV vehicle is inadvertently fueled with E85
fuel, the engine will have some or all of these symptoms:
operate in a lean mode
OBD II “Malfunction Indicator Light” on
poor engine performance
poor cold start and cold driveability
increased risk for fuel system component corrosion
To fix a Non-FFV vehicle inadvertently fueled once with
E85 perform the following:
drain the fuel tank (see your authorized dealer)
change the engine oil and oil filter
disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset the
engine controller memory
More extensive repairs will be required for prolonged
exposure to E85 fuel.
MMT In Gasoline
MMT is a manganese-containing metallic additive that is
blended into some gasoline to increase octane. Gasoline
blended with MMT provides no performance advantage
beyond gasoline of the same octane number without
MMT. Gasoline blended with MMT reduces spark plug
life and reduces emissions system performance in some
vehicles. The manufacturer recommends that gasoline
without MMT be used in your vehicle. The MMT content
of gasoline may not be indicated on the gasoline pump,
therefore, you should ask your gasoline retailer whether
the gasoline contains MMT. It is even more important to
look for gasoline without MMT in Canada, because MMT