Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

It is dangerous to move the shift lever out of PARK or
NEUTRAL if the engine speed is higher than idle
speed. If your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal,
the vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in
reverse. You could lose control of the vehicle and hit
someone or something. Only shift into gear when the
engine is idling normally and when your foot is
firmly on the brake pedal.
Gear Ranges
NOTE: After selecting any gear range, wait a moment to
allow the selected gear to engage before accelerating.
This is especially important when the engine is cold. If
there is a need to restart the engine, be sure to turn the
ignition switch to the LOCK position before restarting.
Transmission gear engagement may be delayed after
restarting the engine if the ignition switch is not turned to
the LOCK position first.
This range supplements the parking brake by locking the
transmission. The engine can be started in this range.
Never use PARK while the vehicle is in motion. Apply
the parking brake when leaving the vehicle in this range.
Always apply the parking brake first, then place the shift
lever into the PARK position.