Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Airbag Warning Light
You will want to have the airbags ready to
inflate for your protection in a collision. While
the airbag system is designed to be mainte-
nance free, if any of the following occurs, have
an authorized dealer service the system immediately.
The Airbag Warning Light does not come on for
approximately six to eight seconds when the ignition
switch is first turned ON.
The light remains on after the approximate six to
eight-second interval.
The light comes on and remains on while driving.
NOTE: If the speedometer, tachometer, or any engine
related gauges are not working, the Occupant Restraint
Controller (ORC) may also be disabled. The airbags may
not be ready to inflate for your protection. Promptly
check the fuse block for blown fuses. Refer to the label
located on the inside of the fuse block cover for the
proper airbag fuses. See your authorized dealer if the
fuse is good.
Event Data Recorder (EDR)
In the event of an accident, your vehicle is designed to
record up to five seconds of specific vehicle data param-
eters (see list below) in an event data recorder prior to the
moment of airbag deployment, or near deployment (if
applicable), and up to a quarter second of either high-
speed deceleration data or change in velocity during
and/or after airbag deployment or near-deployment.
EDR data is ONLY recorded if an airbag deploys, or
nearly deploys, and is otherwise unavailable.
1. A near-deployment event occurs when the airbag
sensor detects severe vehicle deceleration usually indica-
tive of a crash, but not severe enough to warrant airbag