Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

control. Failure to operate this vehicle safely may result
in an accident, rollover of the vehicle, and severe or fatal
injury. Drive carefully.
Failure to use driver and passenger seat belts provided
is a major cause of severe or fatal injury. In fact, the U.S.
government notes that the universal use of existing seat
belts could cut the highway death toll by 10,000 or more
each year and could reduce disabling injuries by two
million annually. In a rollover crash, an unbelted person
is significantly more likely to die than a person wearing
a seat belt. Always buckle up.
Consult the Table of Contents to determine which section
contains the information you desire.
Since the specification of your vehicle depends on the
items of equipment ordered, certain descriptions and
illustrations may differ from your vehicle’s equipment
The detailed index at the back of this Owner’s Manual
contains a complete listing of all subjects.
Consult the following table for a description of the
symbols that may be used on your vehicle or throughout
this Owner’s Manual:
Rollover Warning Label