Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Maintaining Your Airbag System
Modifications to any part of the airbag system
could cause it to fail when you need it. You could
be injured if the airbag system is not there to
protect you. Do not modify the components or
wiring, including adding any kind of badges or
stickers to the steering wheel hub trim cover or the
upper right side of the instrument panel. Do not
modify the front bumper, vehicle body structure,
or add aftermarket side steps or running boards.
It is dangerous to try to repair any part of the
airbag system yourself. Be sure to tell anyone who
works on your vehicle that it has an airbag system.
WARNING! (Continued)
Do not attempt to modify any part of your ad-
vanced airbag system. The airbag may inflate
accidentally or may not function properly if modi-
fications are made. Take your vehicle to an autho-
rized dealer for any advanced airbag system ser-
vice. If your seat, including your trim cover and
cushion, needs to be serviced in any way (includ-
ing removal or loosening/tightening of seat attach-
ment bolts), take the vehicle to your authorized
dealer. Only manufacturer approved seat accesso-
ries may be used. If it is necessary to modify an
advanced airbag system for persons with disabili-
ties, contact your authorized dealer.