Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Automatic Headlights If Equipped
Turn the end of the multifunction lever to the third detent
(AUTO) to activate the Automatic Headlight system.
This system performs two functions. With the engine
running and the multifunction lever in the AUTO posi-
tion, the headlights will turn on and off based on the
surrounding light levels.
Headlights On Automatically With Wipers
If your vehicle is equipped with Automatic Headlights, it
also has this customer-programmable feature. When
your headlights are in the automatic mode and the
engine is running, they will automatically turn on when
the wiper system is on. Refer to “Electronic Vehicle
Information Center (EVIC)/Customer-Programmable
Features” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for
further information.
If your vehicle is equipped with a “Rain Sensitive Wiper
System” and it is activated, the headlights will automati-
cally turn on after the wipers complete five wipe cycles
within approximately one minute, and they will turn off
Multifunction Lever