Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Front and Side Impact Sensors
In front and side impacts, impact sensors aid the ORC in
determining appropriate response to impact events. Ad-
ditional sensors in the ORC determine the level of airbag
deployment and provide verification.
Enhanced Accident Response System
In the event of an impact causing airbag deployment, if
the communication network remains intact, and the
power remains intact, depending on the nature of the
event the ORC will determine whether to have the
Enhanced Accident Response System perform the follow-
ing functions:
Cut off fuel to the engine.
Flash hazard lights as long as the battery has power or
until the ignition key is turned off.
Turn on the interior lights, which remain on as long as the
battery has power or until the ignition key is removed.
Unlock the doors automatically.
If a Deployment Occurs
The front airbags are designed to deflate immediately
after deployment.
NOTE: Front and/or side airbags will not deploy in all
collisions. This does not mean something is wrong with
the airbag system.
If you do have a collision which deploys the airbags, any
or all of the following may occur:
The nylon airbag material may sometimes cause abra-
sions and/or skin reddening to the driver and front
passenger as the airbags deploy and unfold. The
abrasions are similar to friction rope burns or those
you might get sliding along a carpet or gymnasium
floor. They are not caused by contact with chemicals.
They are not permanent and normally heal quickly.