Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

Rotate the switch upward to the “On” position to
activate the rear wiper.
NOTE: The rear wiper operates in an intermittent mode
Rotate the switch upward to the “washer” position
to activate that rear washer. The washer pump will
continue to operate as long as the lever or ring is
engaged. Upon release, the wipers will cycle two times
before returning to the set position.
If the rear wiper is operating when the ignition is turned
OFF, the wiper will automatically return to the “park”
position if power accessory delay is active. Power acces-
sory delay can be cancelled by opening the door; if this
happens, the rear wiper will stop at its current position
and will not go to “park”.
If the liftgate flipper glass is open, connection to the rear
window wiper is interrupted preventing activation of the
rear wiper blade. When the liftgate flipper glass is closed,
the rear wiper switch, or the ignition switch, needs to be
turned OFF and ON to restart the rear wiper.
Rear Window Defroster
The rear window defroster button is located on the
climate control panel. Press this button to turn on
the rear window defroster and the heated outside mirrors
(if equipped). An indicator in the button will illuminate
when the rear window defroster is on. The rear window
defroster automatically turns off after approximately
10 minutes. For an additional five minutes of operation,
press the button a second time.
NOTE: To prevent excessive battery drain, use the rear
window defroster only when the engine is operating.