Chrysler CHEROKEE SRT8OWNE Automobile User Manual

CAUTION! (Continued)
Do not use adhesive labels. These labels can peel
away and jam the player mechanism.
RES is a single CD player. Do not attempt to insert
a second CD if one is already loaded.
Dual-media disc types (one side is a DVD, the
other side is a CD) should not be used, and they
can cause damage to the player.
EJECT Button - Ejecting a CD
Press the EJECT button to eject the CD.
If you have ejected a disc and have not removed it within
10 seconds, it will be reloaded. If the CD is not removed,
the radio will reinsert the CD but will not play it.
A disc can be ejected with the radio and ignition OFF.
NOTE: Ejecting with the ignition OFF is not allowed on
convertible or soft-top models (if equipped).
SEEK Button
Press the right SEEK button for the next selection on the
CD. Press the left SEEK button to return to the beginning
of the current selection, or return to the beginning of the
previous selection if the CD is within the first second of
the current selection. Pressing and holding the SEEK
button will allow faster scrolling through the tracks in
CD and MP3 modes.
TIME Button
Press this button to change the display from a large CD
playing time display to a small CD playing time display.
Press and hold FF (Fast Forward) and the CD player will
begin to fast forward until FF is released or RW or
another CD button is pressed. The RW (Reverse) button
works in a similar manner.