Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

The rearview mirror contains the microphone for the
system and the control buttons that will enable you to
access the system. The diagram below shows the mirror
with the appropriate buttons. Individual button behavior
is discussed in the Operation Section.
The UConnect system can be used with any Hands
Free Profile certified Bluetooth cellular phone. If your
cellular phone has a different profile (i.e. headset profile),
you will not be able to use any UConnect features.
The UConnect system is fully integrated into your
vehicle, including your vehicles stereo system. All voice
prompts as well as the other partys voice in a conversa-
tion will be played over your vehicles stereo system. The
volume of the UConnect system can be controlled
through your normal stereo controls.
The radio display will be used for visual prompts from
the UConnect system such as caller ID.
Voice commands can be used in the operation of the
UConnect system and to navigate through the UCon-
nectmenu structure. Voice commands should be given
after each UConnect system prompt. You will be
prompted for a specific command and then guided
through the available options. There are two ways to give
commands to the UConnect system:
UConnect Switches