Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

The trip odometer shows individual trip mileage. To
switch from odometer to trip odometer, press the Trip
Odometer button.
24. Cruise Indicator
This display indicator shows that the Speed Control
System is ON.
25. Trip Odometer Button
Press this button to change the display from odometer to
trip odometer. The word TRIP will appear when in the
trip odometer mode.
Push in and hold the button for two seconds to reset the
trip odometer to 0 miles or kilometers. The odometer
must be in trip mode to reset.
The clock and radio each use the display panel built into
the radio. A digital readout shows the time in hours and
minutes whenever the ignition switch is in the ON or
ACC position and the time button is pressed.
When the ignition switch is in the OFF position, or when
the radio frequency is being displayed, time keeping is
accurately maintained.
Clock Setting Procedure
1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON or ACC position
and press the time button. Using the tip of a ballpoint pen
or similar object, press either the hour (H) or minute (M)
buttons on the radio.
2. Press the H button to set hours or the M button to set
minutes. The time setting will increase each time you
press a button.