Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

13. Seat Belt Reminder Light
When the ignition switch is first turned ON, this
light will turn on for 5 to 8 seconds as a bulb check.
During the bulb check, if the drivers seat belt is
unbuckled, a chime will sound. After the bulb check or
when driving, if the driver seat belt remains unbuckled,
the Seat Belt Warning Light will flash or remain on
continuously. Refer to ЉEnhanced Driver Seat Belt Re-
minder System (BeltAlert)Љ in the Occupant Restraints
section for more information.
14. Engine Temperature Warning Light
This light warns of an overheated engine condi-
tion. If the engine is critically hot, a continuous
chime will sound for 4 minutes. After the chime
turns off, the engine will still be critically hot until the
light turns off.
15. Vehicle Theft Alarm Light If Equipped
This light will flash for approximately 15 sec-
onds when the vehicle theft alarm is arming.
16. Temperature Gauge
The temperature gauge shows engine coolant tempera-
ture. Any reading within the normal range indicates that
the engine cooling system is operating satisfactorily.
The gauge pointer will likely indicate a higher tempera-
ture when driving in hot weather, up mountain grades,
or when towing a trailer. It should not be allowed to
exceed the upper limits of the normal operating range.