Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

NOTE: These devices are not a substitute for proper seat
belt placement by the occupant. The seat belt still must be
worn snugly and positioned properly.
The pretensioners are triggered by the front airbag con-
trol module (see Front Airbag Section). Like the front
airbags, the pretensioners are single use items. After a
collision that is severe enough to deploy the front airbags
and pretensioners, both must be replaced.
Enhanced Driver Seat Belt Use Reminder System
If the drivers seat belt has not been buckled within 60
seconds of starting the vehicle and if the vehicle speed is
greater than 5 mph (8 km/h), the Enhanced Warning
System (BeltAlert) will alert the driver to buckle their seat
belt. The driver should also instruct all other occupants to
buckle their seat belts. Once the warning is triggered, the
Enhanced Warning System (BeltAlert) will continue to
chime and flash the Seat Belt Warning Light for 96
seconds or until the drivers seat belt is buckled.
The Enhanced Warning System (BeltAlert) will be reacti-
vated if the drivers seat belt is unbuckled for more than
10 seconds and the vehicle speed is greater than 5 mph (8
The Enhanced Warning System (BeltAlert) can be en-
abled or disabled by your authorized dealer or by
following these steps:
NOTE: The following steps must occur within the first
60 seconds of the ignition switch being turned to the ON
or RUN position. DaimlerChrysler does not recommend
deactivating the Enhanced Warning System (BeltAlert).
1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, and
buckle the drivers seat belt.