Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

The power sliding door may also be opened by pressing
the switches on the overhead console or the switch
located on the trim panel just in front of the sliding door.
To keep your door operating properly, observe the fol-
lowing guidelines.
Always open the door smoothly.
Avoid high impacts against the door stop when open-
ing the door manually. This is very important when
your vehicle is parked on an incline as the door will
slide faster in the downhill direction.
There is a hold-open latch that is activated when the
sliding door is fully opened. This latch will keep your
sliding door open on any incline. To close the power
sliding door after the hold-open latch is activated, you
must press any one of the power sliding door
switches, push the button on the inside grab handle or
pull out on the outside sliding door handle.
There are power sliding door switches located on the
trim panel just in front of the power sliding door for the
rear seat passengers. Pressing the switch once will open
the power sliding door, once the door is fully open
pressing the switch a second time will close the door.
Power Sliding Door Switch