Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Do not attempt to push or tow your vehicle to get it
started. Vehicles equipped with an automatic transmis-
sion cannot be started this way. Unburned fuel could
enter the catalytic converter and once the engine has
started, ignite and damage the converter and vehicle. If
the vehicle has a discharged battery, booster cables may
be used to obtain a start from another vehicle. This type
of start can be dangerous if done improperly, so follow
this procedure carefully.
Battery fluid is a corrosive acid solution; do not allow
battery fluid to contact eyes, skin or clothing. Dont lean
over battery when attaching clamps or allow the clamps
to touch each other. If acid splashes in eyes or on skin,
flush contaminated area immediately with large quan-
tities of water.
A battery generates hydrogen gas which is flammable
and explosive. Keep flame or spark away from the vent
holes. Do not use a booster battery or any other booster
source with an output that exceeds 12 volts.
1. Wear eye protection and remove any metal jewelry
such as watch bands or bracelets that might make an
inadvertent electrical contact.
2. When boost is provided by a battery in another
vehicle, park that vehicle within booster cable reach and
without letting the vehicles touch. Set the parking brake,
place the automatic transmission in PARK and turn the
ignition switch to the OFF position for both vehicles.
3. Turn off the heater, radio and all unnecessary electrical
4. Connect one end of a jumper cable to the positive
terminal of the discharged battery. Connect the other end
of the same cable to the positive terminal of the booster